Digital HD Antennas

Digital Antennas for HD TV

Do you want to free yourself from the high cost of cable television, but still want to be able to watch local programs, local sports, and local news? You might want to consider getting a digital antenna. Today's digital antennas offer HD quality images for local stations. There is no need for cable boxes, no need for special equipment in every room, and no need for internet connections (streaming). 

Digital antennas will provide stations for local tv broadcasts such as ABC, NBC, Fox, MPT, CW, and more. Depending on your area, and the strength of the antenna, you may even pick up some paid for channels such as TNT, TBS, and ScyFy (not channels like HBO, Showtime, and other premium channels).

Digital antennas are also great to use on boats, in campers, and other outdoor locations as long as the distance from local sources are met with the digital antenna.

Indoor digital antennas provide provide ranges from 30 miles (works best in inner city locations) to 70+ miles. Outdoor digital antennas will work best for very log distances from major cities and in areas that are heavily wooded. Outdoor digital antennas come in ranges as little as 30 miles and of more than 100 miles. All digital antennas, regardless if they are indoor or outdoor, require facing the direction of the largest major city to get the most optimum signals. Some outdoor antennas will come with a rotator to allow you to rotate the digital antenna to face other areas and get improved signal.

Some digital antennas will come with a signal amplifier to help stabalize your reception, some will not but amplifiers are available for those that do not.